Services list

Simply need your books closed on a monthly basis? We turn your transactional data into an accurate financial picture so you can make timely & smart decisions.

We implement cutting-edge cloud technology that provides you with instant visibility. For an affordable price, modern cloud systems will talk to your accounting system & scale with your business.

We use a simple & practical approach to forecast cash flow that will help you avoid hair on fire situations & confidently plan for the future.

Things are behind, and it’s OK. We will catch-up your books and keep your books current going forward.

From financial models to selecting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to founder friendly Term Sheets & LOI negotiations – we want to see our founders win!

Creating a foundation of several KPIs for software & e-commerce companies is important for asking “What Will Happen?”

We recommend Gusto as a modern payroll system that also manages benefits. As employees make benefit dependent changes & 401k contribution changes, you want that data to automatically sync to your payroll deductions. Plus, the ability to self-onboard new hires with digital offer letters.

Quickly turning receivables into cash is critical to your success. We make the process easy for clients to pay with modern cloud-based merchant providers & a collections process when necessary.

Slow-paying customers are taxing. We use technology + a personal touch to keep your customers aligned w. paying you.

Making it easy for clients to pay you is key. Syncing Stripe with Xero will embed a link within your online invoice and your clients simply pay without creating a login. For more complex invoicing, Recurly is a good option. When evaluating merchants you want a modern system that can easily calculate gross of fees & net of fees & easily exports data. Stripe is our preferred system.

Integrate to Xero to streamline the bill pay process so you simply review & approve. A really nice feature is will automate the data entry on invoices so you no longer need to manually input invoices. We also time the payment of bills with your cash collection cycle.

A shoe box full of receipts? Your employees are more productive using Expensify’s automated expense reimbursements.

Your Controller binds everything together & oversees the bookkeeper. Finalizing financial statements, investor reports, bank covenants, KPIs, due diligence, receivables management, and maintaining your accounting tech stack are the core responsibilities for a modern tech-savvy Controller.
Accounting for e-commerce companies, we add: inventory management, Gross Margin per SKU, & managing the inventory management software.