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Cutting-Edge Accounting for Innovative Software Companies

SavvySum provides an automated bookkeeping & accounting solution for Enterprise Software & SaaS companies. We manage the latest accounting technologies that automate 95% of the transactional data entry. Providing you with instant access to your financials & the ability to create insightful financial projections for your business. Software companies have unique challenges:

Pipeline & Implementation

Does it take 1 hour or 300 days to close a new customer? Do you spend 30 minutes or 4 months to implement a customer? These questions determine how you run your business and impact cash flow.

Cash Management

What is my gross burn & net burn? When do I flameout?
We recommend 18 months of runway and have a proven cash forecast model that takes into consideration your receivables, payables, payroll, sales pipeline & future hires.

Human Resources

Most software companies hire a distributed workforce which allows you to hire the best people. You need HR systems that can 100% digitally onboard your employees, are your HR system of record, make expense reporting a breeze, & talk to your accounting system. Remote employees can have more risks (did the new employee really quit their last job?), and we can help you navigate those risks.

Revenue & KPIs

Enterprise Software focuses on Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) where SaaS companies focus on Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR). Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for most software companies are: Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC), CAC Payback, Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV), Churn, Gross Margin (GM), Growth Rates & your flameout date.

Investor & Stakeholder Reporting

Would you like a more productive relationship with your investors? We highly recommend sending a quick monthly update to your investors and stakeholders. Tools such as AngelSpan are useful.

We have experience answering these questions and enjoy the challenge.

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